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Encouraging interactions among faculty, scholars and students engaged in language-oriented research.

  • Support the Buckeye Language Network Support the Buckeye Language Network The BLN is funded by the generosity of departments and individuals. Please help support BLN activities by donating to our OSU development fund! To donate to the BLN, Just click this slide, or go to this website https://www.giveto.osu.edu/makeagift/?fund=315004
  • Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization: Language Sciences Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization: Language Sciences Areas of Focus: Language and Cognition Language and Brain Function Language and Society Language and Technology Language Description and Fieldwork Get recognition for your expertise in LANGUAGE! 10 hours of coursework needed, including 3 course outside your home department and Psych/German 6700: Introduction to the Language Sciences
  • Our Thanks! Our Thanks! Our workshops, symposia and undergraduate research fellowships are partly funded by an OSU arts and Arts and Sciences Innovation Grant for the Study of Language Variation. Our Language Sciences research space at the COSI museum is partly funded by a BETHA grant from the Battelle Foundation. Additional funding for all our activities is provided by the departments of Psychology, Linguistics, and Speech & Hearing Sciences
  • Language Science Research Lab at COSI Language Science Research Lab at COSI All BLN members are eligible to conduct research at the “Language Pod” at COSI The pod is equipped with PC’s, cameras, and two eye-trackers. Over 5000 COSI visitors have participated in studies since 2012! Learn more about the pod: bln.osu.edu/LanguagePod.php Learn more about doing research at the pod: bln.osu.edu/PODworkshop.php